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Download below! V1.25 is $9.99, V1.20 is free (and marked as a demo). 

Purchasing the game will give you access to all future updates as well!

(note, you'll need Quest 5.8.0 which you can DL from the Quest site here.)
I recommend playing it offline because the online player can have connection/stability issues, and sound is also unavailable on it.
if you are having a bug or other issue, please verify you are playing the game on Quest 5.8.0 before reporting it. Other versions of the client, as well as the online player, have numerous changes that break things which I cannot fix.

Online Version [V1.20]

Patreon page
Support the game and receive benefits such as voting privileges on polls, behind-the-scenes previews and alpha builds of the game.

Commission a Scene
Get your own characters in the game, or add a scene to a character you like!

Updated for V1.20. V1.25 walkthrough is available with purchase/Patreon pledge.

Track the game's progress (and get a sneak peek into my insane inner machinations).


The Hotel is a vore text adventure game currently in development. It's got around 350,000 words of content right now, translating to about 50 hours of vorish gameplay! The game primarily focuses on player-as-prey vore. It's mostly same-size, but there is some of macro/micro thrown in, as well as a variety of other fetishes, such as transformation and paws.

Welcome to the hotel, a strange and rundown place full to the brim of colorful characters out to get you. Collect tokens and piece together the history of this establishment without getting caught by one of its many patrons!

Note: This game does feature digestion and disposal. The intensity of them tends to vary, but it never gets too graphic. Disposal scenes are toggleable in-game. There are also some endo scenes; use the walkthrough to find them if digestion isn't your tea!

Shoutouts to
jeschke - sounds, bugtesting help
chemicalcrux - sounds
 eddiebull - guest writing
kevaskous - guest writing
geckomania - art assets
anonymous - art assets
caudle - animations
phietto - art assets

All my Patrons!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

The Hotel [V1.25] [Windows].zip 69 MB
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The Hotel Walkthrough (V1.25).docx 320 kB

Download demo

The Hotel [V1.20] [Windows].zip 69 MB

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So, I'm playing the full game, and it mentions that I can get codes from room tokens that I can enter into the code machine so I don't have to get those tokens again, but... how? How exactly do I get the code? I tried looking at the tokens, talking to Kayla after getting the tokens, nothing. I have no codes.

You get them from milestones. Get 10 tokens first.

so, for room 3, the walkthrough says to bring the vixen a drink for an ass absorption scene, yet nothing i did could get the scene to trigger. i tried performing her facesitting scene with the booze item in my inventory, i tried using it while talking to her, i tried going through the facesitting scene after dropping the booze in her room. it wouldn't allow me to pick the booze back up so that's as far as i was able to figure out

use [item] on [object]

i don't exactly know how to use the item on her. i'm not seeing that as an option. i try using [Booze] on [Vixen] at various points from before the scene to after, but it's not giving me the option to give it to her

Type it in manually.

It shouldn't have to be like that and I will try and fix it for the next version but for now using the command line for it SHOULD work.

when i tried it, it DID recognize the command prompt, but all it did was spit out a line saying "You can't use it that way." i don't really know what it is i'm doing wrong anymore. to be clear, i'm using the Booze item obtained from selecting "drink to go?" from Byron in the bar. i don't know if maybe i'm using the wrong item from my inventory or not for this

why the game does not open?

i want to buy it but i am afraid of i just lost my money

Have you downloaded quest?

of course i download demo to check how good that game  and its just dont open or in demo i can only check pics and sonds?

you're opening it in an archive program or something. Open it in Quest.


i bought this but it downloads on internet explorer only? and is unable to open? is there a fix or did i throw away money? /:

Room 31 is missing in the walkthrough for 1.15

would be nice if there was an option at the start to select what gender to encounter, i'm a gay man and seeing the female encounters gets rather tiresom when i'm looking for something in particular, an option to set it to male only, female only or both would be nice

Way too far into development to set something like that. Use the walkthrough to choose certain encounters.

oh i wasnt aware there was a walkthrough, where can i find it?

comes with your purchase.

when i get he paid version dose it get free updates or do i need to pay for each update?

you get all the updates!